COMING SOON: Ante Perry & Ulf Alexander - Leaving The Line EP (feat. Nod One's Head) inkl. Phil Fuldner Remix!

18 Feb. 2015 15:58 from Phil

This is Ante Perry's first release on the Kallias imprint. The EP features two originals by Ante Perry and his mate Ulf Alexander.
But there's also the feature of Nod One's Head. More…

COMING SOON: Phil Fuldner feat. Cadence - Jive Jack (Guesthouse Music)

18 Feb. 2015 15:55 from Phil

Do you like some swing? Then check out a glimpse of Phil Fuldner's upcoming track "Jive Jack" on Guesthouse Music. More…

Phil Fuldner - Deep Inside (Guesthouse Music)

23 Sep. 2014 11:01 from Phil

Guesthouse was born in a time of underground transition. As the first wave of new school house was redefining the rules established in the '80s and '90s, Mes--the label's A&R--sought to embrace both schools of sound. Merging the two flavors resulted in an eclectic mix of old and new beats that proved groovy, jazzy and always bass-heavy. More…

Phil Fuldner - Do That Dance (Guesthouse Music)

10 Jun. 2014 10:58 from Phil

Phil Fuldner seems to be on his way to another successful year.The German producer returns to Guesthouse Music with his retro-fesh take on disco samples! 'Do that dance' is the follow up of his 'Sly' release earlier in April. More…

Phil Fuldner - Sly (Guesthouse Music)

10 Apr. 2014 10:49 from Phil

Phil Fuldner makes the first appearance of the year for the American Guesthouse imprint, proving the young guns that a good Disco-Tune never gets old! More…

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